Fall Sports Fest: A Huge Success

Fall Sports Fest: A Huge Success

A convincingly homeless Mr. Jones

By Samantha Weiler

Managing Editor

Traditions begin in the heart. Although this was only the third annual celebration of the Fall Sports Festival, students at Victory’s North Campus have made this event an exciting tradition.

No two days were alike this year, as both students and faculty dressed up for each theme day.

Monday, Wacky Day, was perfect for kicking off the week, with  bright colors, crazy hair, and a whole lot of heart.

Social Studies teacher, Mr. Rick Jones, pulled up to school in a blue Hawaiian shirt, camouflage pants, and a safety-orange beanie. “I just came to impress the chicks,” he said.

Tuesday, Team Theme Day, was a new addition to Fall Sports Fest. Each of the homerooms,
from 7th to 12th grade, picked a separate theme. The 7th-graders were nerds, the 8th-graders wore pajamas, the freshmen came as pirates, sophomores were gangsters, the juniors were hobos and the seniors rocked it in camouflage.

Before school started that Tuesday, the High School Missions Team hosted this year’s first All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast, to raise money for their upcoming trip to Haiti in March. For the 4th to 6th graders, who came in their pajamas, it was just like enjoying a nice breakfast at home.

On Wednesday, Career Day, young and old dressed up for their dream job–from ballerinas to gamers to movie stars. The keynote speaker in chapel that day was Greg Strange, a singer and songwriter
from Nashville, Tenn.

After school, about fifty students gathered in the newly-renovated gymnasium for homeroom volleyball and Uno tournaments.

John “Jack” Hammer blew away the competition in Uno, securing a win for the seventh grade. Later,
after two hours and several close matches, the eleventh grade class took the victory in the volleyball tournament.

Thursday ushered in Neon Day, which was definitely the brightest day of the week. “It was really fun,” said freshman Kala Pawlicki, “Because I felt like a “road barrier.”

But the whole week really came together on Friday- School Spirit Day. Students were surrounded in a sea of purple and gold, all pumped for the pep rally.

As the last hour approached, all of the students made their way to the chapel, class banners were hung, and everyone crossed their fingers in hopes of winning the homeroom competition.

Athletic director Derek Chirch announced each fall sports teams, soccer and volleyball, at both high school and middle school levels.

Between announcements, laughs echoed throughout the chapel as the class videos were finally shown.

The seventh and tenth graders never finished their videos, which immediately disqualified them from the competition. Fourth place went to the sharply-edited ninth grade class’s video: The Stupidest Dora. Ever.

Tied for second place were the 8th-grade’s melodramatic spoof, Zombie Volleyball, and the video made by 11th grade, which showcased a heated rivalry between soccer and volleyball.

First place went to 12th grade for their parody of The Office, which they named The Homeroom.

In the class banner competition, 11th grade placed last, 7th grade was fifth, 9th and 10th tied for third place and 8th and 12th grades tied for first place.

The final announcement was the over-all winner for the week. 10th grade was dead last. 12th grade placed fifth; 7th grade got fourth; 8th grade landed in third, leaving 11th in second and 9th grade, trumping all, for first place.

Everyone who stuck around after school got to see the fall sports teams in action. Varsity soccer fought hard, losing to Granger Christian School 3-1.

The Varsity volleyball team  beat Granger, 3 games to 1. Sophomore Hollie Huber said that it was kind of disappointing that it took the varsity team four games to beat Granger, “but on the bright side, I thought we did really well. We really worked as a team, and we didn’t give up.”

Following the games was the  first-ever Fall Fest. A bonfire, hayrides, and a chili cook-off made it a night to remember.

Seven different chilis were made for the cook-off, and everyone in attendance made their way around the table, sampling each chili. Mrs. Cindy Weideman, the fourth grade teacher, had the winning recipe, with 24 votes.

Overall, the entire week was a huge success, not only in pumping up school spirit, but also in establishing a tradition for future generations of Victory students.


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