Invisibilty Brings Fans

Invisibility Brings Fans

The VCA Volleyball team celebrates after scoring a point.

By Matthew Stefanski


On Tuesday, October 4th, Victory Christian Academy hosted archrival Portage Christian School for the first annual “White Out.”  All Victory fans were instructed to wear white apparel, in support of their teams. Many Victory students came out to support their fellow classmates for this Fall Sport’s Festival event.

Because of the close distance between the schools and the staunch rivalry, over one hundred fans of both teams were present.

Victory prevailed in volleyball, by beating all different leveled teams. Portage won in varsity soccer, while Victory won in middle school soccer.

Portage only has one high school volleyball team which played consecutively against Victory’s junior varsity and varsity teams. Portage was also out three players, as a result of academic ineligibility.

Many Portage and Victory fans enjoy the games against each other because of the intensity of the games. Fans from both sides are driven to support their respective teams. Victory Junior, Kyle
McNamara said, “It was awesome to see a lot of people rooting for their teams.”

The games against Portage Christian were only one of the three sets of games during Spirit Week. These games marked the last South Shore Christian Conference (SSCC) season games in volleyball and soccer games between each other. Portage and Victory will face each other in conference play soon, as basketball season is only a month away.


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