Students Step Up, Form Council

The Founding Student Council Members

Students Step Up, Form Council

By Samantha Weiler
Managing Editor

With the start of a new school year, several students are putting a “see a need, fill a need” policy into action. Thanks to many dedicated student-leaders, Victory Christian Academy (VCA) is now on its way to establishing a legitimate student council.

It was only the third week of school when Destiny Vargas, a sophomore at VCA, began looking for opportunities to help others. “School spirit seemed a little down,” said Vargas, “so I decided to see what I could do.”

One week and several meetings later, she was sent to Mr. Rick Jones with the words “student council” parading about in her mind. “I heard that Mr. Jones was the sponsor of VCA’s former student council,” Vargas said, which isn’t the only reason Jones is the most qualified for his position as council advisor.

Not only was he part of his student council while in high school, but he also was president of the student-led advisory council during college career. When the small VCA council group needed a new sponsor last year, they requested that Jones lead in an advisory role. Sadly, “because of everyone’s busyness,” Jones said, “we didn’t follow through with it.”

But not so this year. Vargas’s dedication is matched by that of the 8 other passionate students who make up the council. Ranging from freshmen to seniors, the council represents a diverse group of the student body.

One such student is Ryan Ramsey, also a sophomore at VCA. When asked why he was interested in furthering the student council, he replied, “My grandparents, mostly, were [the people] who encouraged me. Both my grandma and grandpa were student body presidents of their high schools.”

In fact, his grandmother, Carole Pankau, is now one of the Republican State Senators in Illinois. “I really like politics,” Ramsey said, “and it would be really cool to join her someday.”

Now that the student council has met a few times, they have established a list of priorities for the year, which include better communication between students and the administration, involvement in community service projects and a school wide deepening of lasting relationships. By next week, they plan to have a tentative charter ready to send to the administration for approval.

Jones is very happy with the initiative so many students are taking for the betterment of their school, and welcomes any other high schoolers interested in the council to contact him. “The thing that excites me the most is that this has all been student-driven,” Jones said, beaming with pride.


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