New Gymnasiums Aspire to Grow Regional Conference

Portage Christian's new gymnasium

New Gymnasiums Aspire to Grow Athletic Conference

By Matthew Stefanski

In recent months, two charter members of the South Shore Christian Conference (SSCC) upgraded their facilities. Victory Christian Academy (VCA) added a wooden floor and bleachers to their gymnasium over the summer. VCA’s archrival, Portage Christian School (PCS) unveiled their gymnasium on Nov. 21. The facilities are much-needed upgrades and will likely add to the popularity of the schools within the community.

PCS was finally able to complete their gymnasium after eight years of economic hurdles. Numerous fundraisers and volunteers significantly reduced the cost of the gymnasium, which also doubles as a worship center.

“We had the first worship service with all K-12 students and it was phenomenal. We use every inch of the building to anchor students,” said Twlya Richardson, Administrator of PCS.

The advanced facilities of both gymnasiums also have the potential to increase SSCC participation and popularity. They result in better courts for players and an enhanced atmosphere for fans. Home School Resource Center (HSRC) Athletic Director Brian Boss said, “As schools grow, they get better facilities which improve the conference.”

Victory Christian Academy's newly renovated gymnasium

VCA and PCS both hope their new gymnasiums help the growth and enrollment of their respective schools as well as the popularity of Christians schools throughout the community and state. “The new facilities of these schools will hopefully legitimize the SSCC,” said Derek Chirch, Athletic Director at VCA.


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