Victory Hosts Autumn Auction

A "money tree," of the hundreds of items that attendees bid on at the VCA Autumn Auction.

Victory Hosts Autumn Auction

By Samantha Weiler
Managing Editor

A year of planning, 206 items, and $18,000. For Wendy Smith and Mary Leigh Arndt, who were in charge of planning this year’s Autumn Auction, finally getting to this year’s big night was, “Amazing.” Smith said, “There were so many people who helped me, and now, to see everything out there on the tables, instead of in a basement, is just beautiful.”

On Friday, Nov. 18, 2011, parents, teachers, friends and local businesses gathered at Valparaiso University’s Harre Union Student Center for Victory Christian Academy’s (VCA) eighth annual auction. Joyce Folk, founder and Administrator of VCA, said the auction, “serves as a great social event, and raises a large amount of funds without a large investment, so we get a lot of money going toward the school.”

Families and businesses donated various items such as furniture, theme baskets and gift cards to be sold in the silent auction, which began at 5:30 p.m. Patrons milled around, bidding on items and enjoying refreshment. Sean Evans, Executive Pastor from Valparaiso Nazarene Church, emceed. He walked from item to item, announcing whatever item he thought “needed to be amped up.”

Bidding closed around 7 p.m., when Evans said grace for dinner. In the past, the bidding wouldn’t close down until after dinner, which caused patrons to have to wait much longer to pick up their items. “I was so pleased with how the evening went,” said Smith, “I made a lot of changes this year and was so glad they worked and made the evening run smoothly!”

Many regulars to the event agreed, Including Shannon Lee, a member of the VCA school board. “I’ve come to all of the auctions and this year the format is different, which I like a lot better. It’s easier to check out and get going, since the bidding ends sooner.” Rick Jones, the high school social studies teacher, said, “Last year was my first year at the auction, and it was a lot of fun. I usually spend too much money but hey, it’s for the school.”

Once everyone got through the buffet lines and were seated with their meals, local artists Jenny Wellsand and Austin Hill performed a few songs before handing the microphone over to Derek Chirch, Athletic Director and Assistant Principal of VCA.

He opened his speech with what he called, “God moments: opportunities for God to speak into the hearts and lives of VCA students.” He gave a few examples, then a startling statistic, “If a student has perfect attendance from preschool through 12th grade, they will spend 19,000 hours in a school setting.: He then compared that to the time spent if the student would attend church three times a week, for those same years, totaling only 4,000 hours. “It is very, very important the way we choose to invest those 19,000 hours. Church said that at VCA, “We care about the student’s spirit as much as we care about their mind.”

Beyond the purple and yellow balloons, beyond the fundraising and beyond the food, everyone in attendance was reminded why they come to the auction year after year: to help the teachers at VCA equip these students to impact the world for Christ.

To find out more about next year’s auction and how you can donate, please contact Lisa Misch, North Campus Secretary, at


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