Auction Benefits Victory

Auction Benefits Victory

By Matthew Stefanski

The VCA Autumn Auction, held on Nov. 18, brought the school closer to starting much-needed improvement projects. Over $18,000 was raised at the eighth annual autumn auction. $16,496.41 of the money raised at the auction was allocated into VCA’s capital campaign funds account, while the rest of the money went towards auction expenses.

Enrollment at VCA is currently at an all-time high, with over 260 students. Enrollment growth is expected to continue through the upcoming school years. Building-expansion will be an essential component which will also provide opportunity for increased enrollment.

One of the top expansion priorities is a high school science lab. This would allow space for hands-on science experiments with lab stations and a water source. Science experiments are currently conducted in the art room, which has limited space and only one sink.

Plans to add locker rooms, an art studio and athletic offices are on the horizon. All of these additions are expected to be finalized within the next year.

The Autumn Auction is the biggest yearly fundraiser for VCA, bringing thousands of dollars in every year. “The Autumn Auction is the biggest moneymaker of the school year because of the wonderful efforts of our parents to attend the auction or make generous donations,” said Joyce Folk, Administrator of VCA.

Local business owners donated items which were sold at the 2011 Autumn Auction. Numerous donations were a dominant factor in the success of the 2011 Autumn Auction.

Dan Hancock, President of Sage Management, which owns and operates multiple Little Caesars restaurants throughout Northern Indiana said, “It’s not about me. It’s about helping the community and Victory.”


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