Victory over Luther East

Victory over Luther East

By Samuel Brown

Sports Editor

The Victory Christian Academy (VCA) Lions ran onto the court Tuesday, Jan. 24 with one clear goal, to win. “Our team goal is to always achieve a victory” said head coach Derek Chirch.

Luther East High School Eagles of Lansing, Ill. traveled to compete against the 11-7 Lions not knowing what they would find. “Our recent struggle has been to build up momentum from our wins,” said Chirch. After the aggressive first half, the Eagles knew that they faced a challenge.

The game opened up with an intense barrage of full court game play. The fast paced action thrust the Lions to an early lead of 16 in the first half. “We played a great first half, I was really pleased with the defense my boys put out,” commented Chirch.

The Lions played a solid man to man defense as well as being aggressive offensively. Going to the locker room the Lions were fired up and rearing to go. “I felt we were doing great. I knew I had the support of the team behind me and my confidence level was high” said 6-3 senior Lee Strong.

Regardless of the Lions confidence, the second half turned into a slop of ugly turnovers and missed opportunities. “The second half was awful but we managed to pull ourselves together by the 4th quarter” said Chirch. The strong comeback by the Eagles was finally halted by the determined Lions in the late fourth quarter to come out with a win of 66-50.

Chirch attributed the victory to the determination of the Lions players to not allow their first half success to be in vain. “I was pleased that this win helped us to gain some momentum to hopefully carry us to future victories” Chirch said. Strong scored a total of 37 points. Fellow senior Evan Longhi scored 14 points and sophomore Calvin Reisigner put up a total of 11 points.

The Lions face the Calumet Christian School Patriots in the next home game on Feb. 13.

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Photographs by Stephanie Gordon


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