Electing Character

Electing Character

Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich

By Samuel Brown

Sports Editor

There have been many privileges granted to the free citizens of the United States. One of these privileges surpasses the rest by its ability to truly represent the voice of the people. The privilege: voting for the leaders of this great nation requires responsibility and the upmost diligence of preparation by the people.

As it comes closer to election time, it is essential to talk about the presidential candidacy and the responsibility that voters have in the choosing of the next leader of the United States.

During election time, the prevailing theme of thought that determines the popular vote is “what can the candidate promise me?” The promise of a tax break on small businesses, an increase in environmental awareness or even the promising pledge to create jobs and decrease unemployment appeals to the voters. This method of analysis of presidential candidates is flawed.

Rather than looking at what candidates say they will do, voters should look at the means of action that candidates have taken in their past political offices or occupations. The moral integrity and character of the candidates should be the primary object of scrutiny in determining the correct presidential candidate.

A candidate who wishes to obtain the presidency must be a man or woman of character. The position of president must be filled not only by a reputable person, but by someone who can accurately demonstrate the moral virtues of truth, responsibility and moral consciousness. They must maintain political inspiration as well.

The position of president requires someone of excellent moral caliber in order to demonstrate the rest of the world what the American people value in their leaders. After all, the president is the “face” of the United States to the entire world. His or her influence on foreign policy and domestic occurrences hinges upon the character that he or she demonstrates in and out of office.

In today’s age it would seem that many candidates do not have enough moral integrity to be president of the United States. This should change.

Students can also be the leaders of today by showing the world through their votes that character is the determin-ing factor of choosing a presidential candidate. Make a difference. Elect men and women of character to lead this nation.


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