Full service: A new concept in Valparaiso

Full service: A new concept in Valparaiso

By Matthew Stefanski


Amidst the frigid below-zero temperatures, the attendants at Costas Mobil
check fluids, tire pressure, pump gas and wash windows all the while drivers
recline in their heated vehicles. Full service gas stations are common throughout
the Eastern United States but are relatively scarce in the Midwest.

Costas Mobil, located at 2804 Calumet Ave. in Valparaiso, is currently the only full service gas station in Porter County. Due to the rising gas prices, owner Jay Costas decided to come up with a way to give back to the community.

“Gas prices right now are ridiculous and we figured we would give some service to help out the community with expensive gas,” said Kenny Owens, Manager at Costas Mobil.

During winter months, full service is a great service for drivers so that they can stay in their vehicles.

Student drivers also feel the benefits. Senior Jordan Armstrong said, “A lot of young drivers do not check their fluids. It’s great to have people that know how to do it for you without costing an arm and a leg.”

The full service aspect is a plus for Costas Mobil as well as the surrounding community.

“Full service has been very successful so far and we do not plan on ending it anytime soon,” said Owens.

Since full service is complimentary, many people have decided to go to Costas Mobil to pump their fuel. “When I am in the area, I will definitely stop at Costas Mobil if I need fuel,” said Armstrong.


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