Stefanski ranks among top student journalists in the state

Stefanski at the First Amendment Symposium

Stefanski ranks among top in the state

By obtaining administration approval to start a news publication at Victory Christian Academy and exhibiting a drive and determination for journalism, Matthew Stefanski wasranked as one of the 10 student journalists in Indiana.

Matthew Stefanski, the Editor-in-Chief of the student-produced news publication at Victory Christian Academy was ranked as one of the top ten student journalists by the Indiana High School Press Association (IHSPA). Among numerous applicants for Student Journalist of the Year, senior Stefanski was chosen as a finalist.

Stefanski was one of the 5 out of 10 finalists from Northwest Indiana. The finalists were recognized at the IHSPA First Amendment Symposium on Wed. March 7.

Stefanski, the son of former Times columnist Mary Stefanski, has been interested in journalism at the young age of ten. He has job shadowed at numerous television stations throughout the country and is as well writing a book, How to Live with an Autistic Kid: A Sibling’s Guide. He is the brother of Daniel Stefanski, author of How to Talk to an Autistic Kid.

He had a dream to institute a student-produced news publication and eventually succeeded by obtaining administration approval in early 2011. He initiated journalism classes at the school as well as recruited a publication staff ofnine students.

Stefanski, the upcoming 2012 Valedictorian at Victory maintains a GPA of 3.9 as well as currently manages the staff of The Victory Voice, the student-produced news magazine which has been a huge success throughout the community surrounding Victory.

Stefanski has attended the High School Journalism Institute (HSJI) at Indiana University andis one of the first “super veterans” at HSJI. He has received multiple awards for his work at the institute and plans on pursuing a career in journalism.


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