Playing for Christ

Sophomore Ben Jumche plans on growing in his walk with Christ.



According to Webster’s Dictionary, courage is defined as “the mental or moral stamina to face trouble or fear.” Being placed in a new school and trying out to be part of a basketball team for the first time definitely required courage. For 6-foot-2-inch sophomore Ben Jumche, it was just another opportunity to glorify God.

“I figured that basketball would be a great ministry to form relationships with other Christian athletes and share biblical fellowship with them,” said Jumche. “My inspiration to try out for the basketball team came from my personal savior, Jesus Christ.” Jumche hopes to form a close network of Christian athletes to encourage each other in their walks with Christ as well as their actual game play on the court.

Jumche had never played on an official sports team prior to going out for the Victory Christian Academy (VCA) Lions basketball team. Regardless of his background, Jumche made the decision to try out for the basketball team to not only learn the dynamics of the game, but to also glorify Jesus Christ.

Before the beginning of the basketball season, Jumche set goals in order to push himself. “I really wanted to learn the basic fundamentals and become well-versed in game play situations so I could help out my teammates whenever they needed me,” said Jumche. He tackled his goals throughout the season and learned much more about basketball as a result.

Jumche’s love of the game is apparent on and off the court. He works hard to be a solid team player by encouraging fans and teammates to have pride in the basketball team. “I just want fans to come out and watch us Lions strive to be the best we can be,” said Jumche.

He also describes the unique quality that basketball players have opposed to other athletes. “It’s patience. Being patient enough to learn the game and to know your teammates is what it’s all about.”

In addition to his role as a basketball player, Jumche is also working toward obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout in his local troop. He also enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

According to fellow teammate senior Evan Longhi, Jumche “is one of the easiest players to get along with.” For many students at VCA, Jumche is a young man that is easy to work with and is a person that can be entrusted to get any task done right.

Jumche plans on working hard during the off season as well as growing in his personal walk in Christ. “Without Christ, there would be no basketball for me,” said Jumche.

Jumche is a great example of placing God as the top priority in his life and is an encouragement to fellow Christians around him. Jumche doesn’t play basketball for himself, he plays for Christ.


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