Sticky Fingers comes to Valparaiso

Sticky Fingers Candy Company features a variety of chocolates, nuts and sour candy.

Sticky Fingers comes to Valparaiso

By Samantha Weiler

Managing Editor

You are invited to a brand new candy store and you don’t even need a golden ticket to get in. Co-owner Jack Hines looked around Valparaiso one day and realized that there was not much for kids. Thus Valparaiso’s first candy store, Sticky Fingers Candy Company was born.

Drive through downtown Valparai-so, past the courthouse and beyond the new Central Park Plaza. There at 54 Lafayette St. stands Sticky Fingers Candy Shop which has been bursting with a myriad of candy, popcorn and fudge since its grand opening on Feb. 1.

Victory Christian Academy’s (VCA) life management class stopped by the store recently. Students were pleased with the variety of choices and the friendliness of the staff members.

“As soon as I walked in, everyone was eager to help me find what I wanted,” said junior Miranda Drakos.

Other students were not only happy with the prompt service, but also enjoyed he atmosphere.

“The workers were amiable and pleasant, and they treated their customers with patience. Added to the friendly atmosphere was a plethora of delicious goodies,” said junior Luke Schrader.

The place was pretty colorful,” said junior Rhyan Pawlicki, “and you could get samples of any candy you wanted.”

Sticky Fingers also featured a movie playing in the store, which was used to entertain customers. “The movie made me feel like I was at home,” said Drakos.

Students such as Pawlicki especially enjoyed tasting the toffee. “It was like a burst of coffee in my mouth with a chocolate-ness to it,” saidPawlicki.

Sticky Fingers management says, during the upcoming summer, they will feature snow cones and popcorn machines outside in order to lure customers from the nearby Central Park Plaza.

Many local people are happy that there is finally a candy store in Valparaiso. “I had a blast at Sticky Fingers and I will definitely go there again,” said Drakos.

For more information about Sticky Fingers, reach them at (219) 510-5824, or visit them online at


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