Unleashing the Untouchable Pride

Unleashing the Untouchable Pride

By Michelle Parr

Staff Reporter

It is time for the unveiling of the 2012 Victory Christian Academy (VCA) softball team! The whole team is ready for another season of playing, showing Christ on the field and support from the students and fans. The softball team has fresh new players and a new assistant coach to get them ready for what lies ahead.

The VCA softball team started in 2010 under the leadership of high school science teacher Mrs. Lynne Jordan and her husband Mr. Daniel Jordan. In 2011, softball was passed on to high school math teacher Mrs. Marisol Parr and her assistants, Mrs. Megan Huber and Miss Nicole Roetker. The 2011 coaches led the team to more wins than in the initial season. The softball team dubbed themselves the Awe and Shock of the Pride and truly united as a team.

Now the time has come for the 2012 Pride to “show their claws.” It is the year of the Untouchable Pride and the team is excited to start their season with a new assistant coach, new players and lots of heart. Coach Michelle Thomae is the new assistant coach of the Untouchable Pride. She played softball for many years and is excited to assist Coach Parr in leading the Pride this season.

The team also has added many new players to bring even more to the plate. They have gained many students from VCA, as well as two experienced homeschooled players, 10th-grader Esther and eighth-grader Arianna Guess. “I wanted to try something new. I think high school is a time to try new things. Softball is fun and exciting to play!” says new player freshman Debby Key.

Coach Parr is pumping up the girls and the whole school for the upcoming softball season. “I’m excited about those who are returning and all the new players we have gained,” said Parr.

Softball players freshmen Gabby Carlson and Molly Cooper

New and returning players alike are eager to see what’s going to happen next. Last year’s captain junior Ellen Cooper is excited about what the team can accomplish. “We have a few new girls and they bring a lot of new talent. That’s exactly what we need!” said Cooper.

Returning player sophomore Hannah Parker feels that the Pride will become better this year because of the close bond and the team’s ultimate mission: to glorify God. “I feel that we are going to grow stronger as a team and as friends. We will use our minds and abilities that God gave us. Whatever we do, we will please God. Our Untouchable Pride sticks together!”

The new players of the Untouchable Pride are pumped for the season, thanks to the coaches and players that have welcomed them into the pack.

“It’s great to have all the coaches, Coach Parr, Coach Huber and Coach Thomae. They are there for us and they teach us everything. The players who were in softball last year are really accepting and encouraging. I feel accepted on to the team,” says new player freshman Grace Linden.

Freshman Gabby Carlson also feels as an important part of the Untouchable Pride. “I like being able to play a new sport. The coaches teach us really well. The players from last year are very welcoming,” says Carlson.

The Untouchable Pride is ready with skill, heart and muscle to make a lasting impact on the field this year. Their first home game is on April 3 against charter school Hammond Academy of Science and Technology (HAST) at 4:30 p.m. It’s time to support the Pride!


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