The green goat opportunity

By Ellen Cooper

Staff Writer

From playing baseball at the U.S. Steelyard to doing mission work in Haiti, Victory Christian Academy (VCA) has always provided interesting activities for its students. Recently, a new opportunity opened up for the artistically inclined.

Thanks to art teacher Deanna Abner, students have been able to display their artwork at an up and coming local business, curiously named The Green Goat. The Green Goat, owned by Connie Bowman, sells art and repurposed furniture.

Due to a friendship between Bowman and Abner, VCA students were able to display and sell their artwork at The Green Goat. “She” (Bowman) came to me over Christmas break,” says Abner, “and told me her business ideas and how she wanted to have a bunch of goat art hanging around the space.”

Thus, a new project was born. Students in Abner’s high school art classes were asked to create a 2-dimensional picture of a green goat in their choice of artistic medium. In addition to the honor of having art in a local business, the students get 100 percent selling price of their work.

As a whole, the students greatly enjoyed creating such unique pieces of art. “It was really random,” says junior Ashley Halpin, one of Abner’s art students, “because it’s not every day that you get asked to draw a goat.”

The students partially liked the idea that their art was going to be viewed by the general public, and were enthusiastic about the possibility of making money. Overall, the students at VCA were very excited with their new opportunity. “It’s pretty awesome knowing something I drew will be hanging in a business for everyone to see,” said Halpin.


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