Victory Plans Remodel

By Matthew Stefanski


The installation of a new roof is the preliminary stage of the remodel.

Due to an increase in an enroll-ment and the need for updated facilities, the administration of Victory Christian Academy (VCA) recently planned a remodel in anticipation of the 2012-2013 school year. The plans include the possible additions of a wet and dry science lab, three classrooms and a large media center.

As enrollment has increased, so has the need for updated facilities. Science classes have always had to conduct labs in the kitchen or art room, the two available rooms with water sources. As a result of the remodel, students will be able to have more space to perform experiments. “There will be more room for students to have individual teaching as well as room to conduct science labs and research,” said Ad-ministrator Joyce Folk.

Chapel services will be relocated to the newly-renovated gymnasium to accommodate the growing student body. The school will purchase sound equipment and noise panels to allow for proper acoustics in the gym. Students will sit on the bleachers while the current chapel will be reduced in size by only allowing the room for under 100 people. The new chapel will still host The Dwelling Place as well as drama, band and choir performances.

There are also plans in store to add three additional large class-rooms which will accommodate the fourth, fifth and sixth-grade classes. The seventh and eighth-grade classes will move upstairs to the current elementary classrooms. The main hallway will only have high school classrooms.

VCA also plans to add a parking lot which would increase the amount of available parking spots from 80 to 140. The parking lot plans are contingent on the sale of land adjacent to the current parking lot. The current area of parking parallel to the main entrance will be made an extended drop off area which will allow for easier traffic flow during the drop off and pick up times.

The relocation of the main offices will allow for easier access for delivery people and visitors. “We are going to look more professional at the door. The secretary will be greeting, and there will be more designated areas such as a nurses station, copy room and conference room,” said Folk.

The main office will also contain a waiting area for visitors as well as offices for other staff members. The administration plans to hire a full-time medical professional which will be available to asses student’s health needs throughout the day.

The Administration plans on the cost of the remodel being approximately $350,000. However, the school is still taking bids on a general contractor for the project.

Plans for a fall banquet to raise money for the remodel are also in the works. “We want to have a fall banquet with a speaker to draw attendance. Then hopefully our designated needs will be donated,” said Folk.

Although the advanced facilities will increase greatly, there will be no extra increase in tuition. Tuition will continue to increase at the average yearly rate, but will not increase as a result of the remodel.

At the beginning of May, construction began to take off the old roof and replace it with a new one. The new roof is going to be installed before the remodel. The remodeled facilities are not only to enhance the educational experience for current students, but are also to make VCA appeal to prospective students.

Current students also see great benefits of the possible remodel. “I think that having a bigger library would be very beneficial for people who like to read,” said sophomore Destiny Vargas.

The remodel allows for a significant increase in enrollment and offer a high quality Christian education, in up-to-date facilities to students. “We will be able to offer Christian education to more students by being able to have more students at VCA,” said Folk.

The remodel will hopefully highlight VCA in the community. “Anytime you have a new facility it is going to track attention. When prospective families enter the building they will come right into the office and a waiting room. The first impression is going to be a lot better,” which is very important, said Assistant Principal Derek Chirch.

The administration also plans on keeping the community updated with the remodel. “Once the bank financing is approved and once we pick a contractor, we will probably do a press release and post progress on the new website,” said Chirch.


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