Meet the joyous Maddie

Maddie and her sister Hannah

When you first meet Madeline Parker, you’ll understand why so many people love to be around her. Her quirkiness and joyous eccentricity make her such a fun addition to the Victory Christian Academy (VCA) family. Having first been homeschooled with her three siblings and later coming to VCA, she has been devoted to her faith and schoolwork throughout the years in a very inspiring way.

Parker plans on attending massage therapy school. “When I was looking through different career fields to go into, I wanted to make sure I was able to help other people. Assisting people with their problems and troubles is a passion of mine, and massage therapy seems like a perfect fit for making people feel better,” she said.

Parker also has high remarks about her experiences at VCA. “I feel that being at VCA has definitely made my faith in God stronger. Being around people who you can openly talk to about your relationship with Christ is such a great thing,” she said. “I really like that my younger siblings also get to grow up in such a positive and progressive environment like VCA.”

Parker and homecoming escort junior Daniel Ronjak

She has played on VCA’s softball team too along with her sister Hannah. “Being in softball was such a great experience! Coach Parr taught is valuable lessons not only in softball, but to never give up what we are passionate about.”

Parker is such a valuable facet of VCA. We’ll definitely miss her.

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