Mrs. Jordan embarks on new journey

By Michelle Parr
Staff Reporter

Beloved science teacher, Mrs. Jordan, is leaving the halls of Victory Christian Academy (VCA). She has filled them with her wisdom, grace and love. Though she may be leaving, we must remember what she has done for us throughout her time at VCA.

Mrs. Lynne Jordan started her journey at VCA over eight years ago with the help of her youngest daughter, Miranda. Jordan wanted Miranda to have the chance to go to a school with a sturdy Christian education. “I knew that Christian education was my heart. I knew I wanted my children to be raised with that Christian education,” said Jordan.

After enrolling her daughter, Jordan was offered the chance to teach. “It was enticing. I was able to let my daughter have an education other than homeschooling, and yet I was still involved in her education at the same time. So I said yes, even though it was completely unexpected,” said Jordan. She took the job knowing that was what God wanted for her. Only a month before her offer to teach at VCA, she was offered a job at Portage Christian School (PCS). Instead of taking the job at PCS, she felt confident in the goals and heart of VCA.

Jordan has taught at VCA for eight years and is the last of the original high school teachers. She has enjoyed her time teaching teenagers at VCA. Jordan has always strived to give her best to her students, whether it be through teaching science material or teaching through her actions. “The students may not remember my lesson plans, but they will remember who I was as a person. The interaction with the students outside the subject is why I was here,” said Jordan.

Even though Jordan is going to miss her students, she is very excited about her next step in life. She is returning to the medical field as the Director of Clinical Education at Golden Living Center in La Porte. “I will be in charge of hiring and training the nursing staff, the medical education of the entire building, as well as infection control,” said Jordan.

Mrs. Jordan will always be remembered and treasured in the hearts of all who knew her at VCA and will never be forgotten. “Grades do not define you. Subjects do not define you. Only God defines you. Your job as a student is to do your best and commit to excellence,” Jordan said. Let us all follow what Mrs. Jordan taught us and strive to do our best.


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