Sam’s thoughts: following the editor’s footsteps

By Samantha Weiler

Managing Editor

Before I joined Journalism in September, I hadn’t so much as read beyond the funnies in a Sunday newspaper. Now, come this fall, I’ll be the one taking over The Victory Voice–and I am scared out of my shorts.

But I’m excited, too. This is a challenge—I’m no Matt. I haven’t spent my entire double-digit life pursuing this dream. I haven’t memorized most of the nuances of AP Style. I haven’t been nomi-nated for any awards, let alone won any.

We don’t have our own printing press, an impressive budget or experienced staff. But I once read that a good cook isn’t the one with the finest ingredients. A good cook is the one who can take mediocre, ordinary ingredients and whips up something delicious.

We’re a small school, with an even smaller staff. But we have a year, and a year can be enough to make a difference. (Proof? Check out where the past five months have got us!) It is my goal that by this time next year (when I’m the one leaving), The Victory Voice will not only be a reputable news source throughout the surrounding community, but also rival the excellence seen in news publications from schools around us.

It would be easy to sit back in a slough of mediocrity and say, “We’re just a small school, why even bother compet-ing with the well-established, well-funded schools? But, instead, as ambassadors of Victory Christian Academy (VCA) (and, more importantly, God Almighty), we ought to be setting the standard. VCA’s been around for over ten years, and the progress we’ve made in those ten years rivals that of any other private school in the area. If we work hard and stay focused, it ought to be no different for the notoriety of The Victory Voice.

On behalf of the entire newspaper staff, we’ve really appreciated your support and encouragement these past five months. If you have any suggestions, questions or are interested in joining the staff next year (shameless plug! shameless plug!), don’t hesitate to ask us in person, or send us a message at


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