Ellen Cooper

Staff Reporter

I’ve always loved to read.  I read to get out of the troubles of my life.  I read to see how other people lived.  I read to feel happy.  I read because I needed to.  I used to write.  I loved writing songs.  My most memorable is a song I wrote when I was 7, entitled “Hillbilly Ho-Down”.  I even sang it to my entire southern family.  They weren’t very glad to be called hillbillies by a 7 years old.

But that didn’t stop me.  I kept writing.

During the most trying time of my life, my poetry gave me a healthy outlet to my sorrow. Once again, literature saved me.

Now, life has become more busy.  I don’t have the time to sit and read, or to stop and write down what I’m feeling, to really enjoy literature. Now my junior year of high school has rolled around.  I hadn’t done any personal writing in years.  That’s when a dear friend of mine told me about the newspaper.  So I joined.

At first I was nervous, I knew my limited skills were quite rusty, if they were even still there.  Knowing I couldn’t excel in writing, I signed up to be a photographer.  This however, is a bit of a fib.

I guess you could call me an actress, I act like my photos are art.  But, in all actuality, they are a pathetic attempt at art.

My photography might not be that of Annie Leibovitz, but I can always improve.  And I plan to do just that. Maybe one day I’ll have a more crucial role here at the Victory Voice, but for now, I am just a humble photographer.

One response to “Ellen Cooper

  1. Hi Ellen, I was reading your post on the Green Goat and wondering if you know their actual phone number. Somewhere my mom’s cell phone number has gotten listed as their business number incorrectly and she’s been getting calls for them. Can you contact me please? Thanks.

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