Lisi Dudash

Design Editor

I have lived in the same house with a happy family my whole life. I have so many cousins I have lost count and I love Christmas! I think pizza is one of the best inventions in the world, along with the cellular phone and internet, and my favorite color is pink. These are some facts about me. Some others are as follows: I have played piano for five years now, I read plenty of books, and I enjoy Christmas music, cooking and art.

I have dabbled in many things, like Karate, filming, and acting, but I have not discovered my calling. I am pondering about becoming an F.B.I. agent, but I do not know. The thing is I know God is in control of the future, so why worry about tomorrow when you have today?

This is my first year of journalism and I am very excited about it. The staff is great and though I do not know much about journalism, I know I can learn. Who knows, maybe I will do some real good with these experiences.

In this small school it is important to stay connected, and I believe that with this newspaper we can. That is why I joined the staff, to unite the student body and to gain experiences for tomorrow.

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